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Our initiative stems from the desire and the need to provide the academic community with experiences and occasions of reflection which can teach us respect and dignity, equality and solidarity. We think of volunteering not only as the form of help towards those who are in social or economic hardship, but also as the awareness of the surrounding world, as an opportunity to learn precious lessons about life. We believe in conscious and active citizens, who care about local problems and who keep an eye on the international issues.

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Have you ever thought of using your time and education to contribute to the community? Have you ever thought about wanting to know more about the inequalities that, in social, economic and technologic terms, still characterize our world? Read more...


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Fundraising: Christmas stand for Wasa

The stand has been a success! Thank to your contribution we will be able to continue our education project "Working for Wasa" with Wasa's children in Tanzania.Read more…

Arts and music for Wasa

Charity concert organized by Students for Humanity to sustain the project of Working for Wasa in Tanzania. Read more…

Best collaborator of the year!

Students for Humanity has been awarded as best collaborator of the year of the Policlinico of Milan, a great achievement for our blood donation awareness group, we also thank very much our donors! Read more…


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